bbq cleaning service - do it yourself cleaning your bbq with no chemicals

BBQ Cleaning Service

Do It Yourself Cleaning Your BBQ With No Chemicals

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BBQ Cleaning Service – Do it yourself cleaning


We all hate cleaning the BBQ. It’s dirty, smelly and worst of all getting grease and bug/rodent feces in your face and lungs as it turns to dust scraping at it over and over. 

BBQ Cleaning Service – do it yourself cleaning your bbq with no chemicals

If you would like to clean it yourself, please use a mask and gloves. You can get very sick if you inhale and digest the grease and other leftovers.

Here are a couple of items you most likely have in your home and a tutorial on how to clean your own BBQ.

It’s in no way going to give you remotely the same quality as a professional cleaning, but it will help you in keeping it fairly clean after each bbq usage.


What you need to clean the BBQ:
Baking powder
A weight (a rock or something similar is OK)
Aluminum foil

And this is how it works:
1. Remove the BBQ parts.
2. Sprinkle the baking powder on and in the bbq. You need quite a lot. When you’re done the entire BBQ should be covered with a thin layer of baking powder.
3. Pour some tablespoons of vinegar on the grills and in the bbq bucket and scrub away with a ball of tinfoil.
4. Fill a few buckets with warm water.
5. Pour the bucket on the bbq, so it becomes completely wet.
6. Scrub all grease leftovers that you missed and pour another bucket of water on/in the BBQ.
7. Roll up a hefty piece of aluminum foil into a lump and keep scrubbing till your bbq is all clean.
8. Now, with the help from the aluminum foil, scrape the dirt and grease off some more till it’s all clean.
9. Done! Now all you have to do is wash the cooking grid and place it on your grill again.

This is why the baking powder works so well: For once, it’s quite abrasive. But it is also mildly alkaline, making it perfect for dissolving dirt and grease.


bbq cleaning service – do it yourself cleaning your bbq with no chemicals