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Cleaning a BBQ is a lot harder and dirtier than one thinks.

Sure, if you use a bbq brush to scrub down the grease you won’t get very dirty. Then again, you won’t get your grills cleaned off much AND the wire brush hairs that your scrubbing against your grills will fall off and possibly go into your food. See this article for more on how dangerous using a wire brush to clean your grills.

Sharp bristles can get left behind after cleaning and stick to your food, posing a deadly risk!

How to Clean a BBQ Properly

1. Turn off and disconnect the gas bottle (propane tank).

2. Clean your BBQ grill while still warm.  Use steam cleaning trick (below) to keep it warm while eating.

3. Brush and/or scrape your grill grates and hot plates to remove burned on food.

4. Use your dishwasher to clean your grates and hot plates.

5. Clean inside of grill with warm soapy water and a stiff brush.

6. Rinse off Teflon grill sheets.

7. Clean the drip tray by discarding foil and absorbent material.

8. Clean outside of grill with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

9. Re-assemble grill grates and hot plates.

10. Replace drip tray foil and refill with kitty litter.

11. Re-position Teflon grill sheets.

12. Reconnect your gas bottle and check connections for leaks with soapy water.

13. Run the BBQ grill on high for 15 minutes to burn off any remaining soap or water.

14. Apply cooking oil to grates and hot plates to re-season.

Remember to be careful with painted and stainless steel surfaces.

Use non-scratch scrubbers, always test on a small area and follow the grain on any stainless steel.


BBQ Cleaning Service Toronto – Must Read, Tips, Tricks, more