How much does it cost to have a bbq cleaned ?

Our Pricing on bbq cleaning will vary according to size.  

  • 3 burner – $179.95
  • 4 burner – $199.99
  • 5 burner – $249.99
  • 6 burner – $279.99
  • 7 burner – $299.99
  • 8 burner – $249.99

*All prices do not include tax.

Can all bbqs be cleaned using our process ?

Unfortunately, not all bbqs can be cleaned by our us. Where the bbq is located and its surrounding area determines if it’s possible for our techs to carry out a clean.

Our process requires:

  • Access to water in the form of a garden tap to connect our hose too (not internal taps)
  • Some form of drainage near by – this can be a drain, garden or runoff.
  • Electricity Outlet – We use professional powered cleaning tools.

We do not move bbq’s to other areas. We clean your bbq where we see it. We never leave grease behind. We use large tarps.

What’s included in a bbq clean?

Our technicians will always endeavour to clean the bbq as best they can.  The condition of each bbq will vary depending on frequency of use, previous care and maintenence and what is usually cooked in the bbq. The cleaning process takes approx. 2 hours and involves cleaning all internal components such as, burners, plates, grills, diffusers or rock trays , warming racks and then externals of the bbq including hood, chassis (firebox) and drip trays. (The whole BBQ)

Can you service or repair the bbq as well ?

When booking in for a BBQ clean , a general health check is included to ensure bbq is safe to use and there are no gas leaks . For any significant additional work such as ignition repairs / replacements, replacement of gas valves etc – an additional labor charge will be added if you wish to proceed with the repair . The  technician will always provide a quote prior to the commencement of additional work.

If you just want your bbq Serviced and not cleaned –  our minimum call out fee is $120 plus the cost of parts  ( certain driving distance applies ) . Variations in labor cost may apply  dependent on how much work needs to be done .  Our technician can only provide an accurate quote once the bbq has been assessed .

Can you provide replacement parts ?

We do repair bbq’s only when we are not too busy. We are limited to time as we only work between 9am – 1pm.

Most of our work is bbq cleaning, but if you’re willing to work with us on timing we might take a day up to a week to get back to your bbq to complete the repair.

( You do NOT have to be home for the repair, but we must receive payment within 3 hours after cleaning and/or repairs )